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Cure Day Hospital Alberton

Cure Day Hospitals is opening in Alberton!!

The New Alberton Netcare Hospital – being constructed on the now defunct Newmarket Racecourse – has reached an advanced stage of construction.

The developers, Rejem-Linton Joint Venture, are developing the Medimix Building which is situated some 35 meters away from the New Alberton Netcare Hospital. These two buildings will be linked by a fully enclosed link bridge (some 35 meters in length) on the first floor of both buildings, giving access from the one building into the other and vice-versa.

In the Medimix Building various medical disciplines will be housed, for instance radiologists, pathology labs, a 32 bed rehab hospital, a variety of medical practitioners, physiotherapists, audiologists, biokinetics, prosthetics, and the like, but to name some.

The intention is to develop a 24 bed, 2 theatre day hospital facility in the Medimix Building, and the necessary licence is already in place for same.

The Cure Day Hospitals Group have been invited to join the developers Rejem-Linton JV in the development of such new Day Hospital facility in the Medimix Building.

We are inviting the medical practitioners to share their interest in the new day hospital facility. Please indicate if you are interested to hear more.

We are of the opinion that the Alberton area needs this day hospital and we are excited about this opportunity.

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