Welcome to Cure Day Hospitals

Welcome to Cure Day Hospitals, we value partnerships with doctors. Comfortable and safe environment, latest technology, experienced staff.

Why Choose Cure Day Hospitals as a Doctor or Surgeon?

At Cure Day Hospitals, we understand the importance of having a reliable and convenient facility to perform your medical procedures. 

Our day hospitals offer several benefits to you as a doctor, including:


Minimal Theatre Delays

Our day hospitals provide minimal delay in theatre start times, ensuring that your procedures run smoothly.

Consistent Staff

Our hospitals have consistent permanent theatre staff, ensuring familiarity and continuity of care.

Advanced Technology

Our hospitals invest in the latest Day Surgery technology, especially minimally invasive surgery, for better patient outcomes.

Enhanced Reimbursement

Enhanced reimbursement paid by funders to doctors for working in a day hospital.

Planned Theater Availability

We offer availability of theatre times as planned, so you can schedule your procedures with ease.

Low Infection Risk

A shorter stays and elective surgery provides a low risk of hospital-acquired infections for your patients.

No Trauma or Emergency Units

As a day hospital, we do not have trauma or emergency units, allowing us to focus on elective procedures.

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Doctors

But don't take our word for it. Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied doctors

As a surgeon, I appreciate the advanced technology and professional environment that Cure Day Hospitals offers. It allows me to provide my patients with the best possible care.
I have been working with Cure Day Hospitals for years, and I have always been impressed with their dedication to providing high-quality care at an affordable cost. Their administrative support is a huge plus, as it allows me to focus on what I do best.
I recently started operating at Cure Day Hospitals, and I am blown away by the personalised care that my patients receive. The staff treats every patient like family, and the facilities are top-notch. I feel confident knowing that my patients are receiving the best possible care.

Partner with us today and enjoy the benefits of working with a dedicated day hospital.

Contact us to schedule a facility tour and learn more about how we can support your medical practice.

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