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Angel Nelwamondomedkin
Blaine & Associatessomerset-west
D A Visserwilgeheuwel
Dr F Snymanwilgeheuwel
Dr I de Wildewilgeheuwel
Dr L. Nyendemedkin
Dr M Hameedwilgeheuwel
Dr Manti A Matjekanemedkin
Dr Setlhakomedkin
Dr A A Elnagarmedkin
Dr A A Mukadammedkin
Dr A Ackermannerasmuskloof
Dr A Beetgenewmarket-alberton
Dr A Brewiswilgeheuwel
Dr A de Bruinerasmuskloof
Dr A E Lebelomedkin
Dr A Essopmidstream
Dr A Fabiyinewmarket-alberton
Dr A Fouriemidstream
Dr A J De Beermedkin
Dr A Lukhaimanefourways
Dr A Meyermidstream
Dr A Mohamedmedkin
Dr A Rawlinswilgeheuwel
Dr A Renckennewmarket-alberton
Dr A Rouxmidstream
Dr A Younusnewmarket-alberton
DR AB Ventererasmuskloof
Dr Abduahman Danielssomerset-west
Dr Abel Nkotopi Tlailanemedkin
Dr Adel Rossouwerasmuskloof
Dr Adele Rouxbellville
Dr Adolf Fourieerasmuskloof
Dr Adolf Moutonpaarl
Dr Adriaan Van Zylbellville
Dr Aimee Gavinerasmuskloof
Dr AJ Smitmidstream
Dr Albert Janse van Noordwykpaarl
Dr Albert vd Westhuizenpaarl
Dr Amisha Marajfourways
Dr Andre Johan Strydomerasmuskloof
Dr Andre Keplereast-london
Dr Andre Oliviersomerset-west
Dr Andre Rouxerasmuskloof
Dr Andre Stephanus Vorstererasmuskloof
Dr Andre van Stratenpaarl
Dr Andre Vermeulensomerset-west
Dr Andre Willem Haarhoffmedkin
Dr Andrew Viljoen  bellville
Dr Andries van Niekerkerasmuskloof
Dr Andy Loving Buatremedkin
Dr Aneet Kessowsomerset-west
Dr Anneke Van Greunenerasmuskloof
Dr Annelien Nortjeeast-london
Dr Anton van Lieroppaarl
Dr Armand Viljoensomerset-west
Dr Arne Verstererasmuskloof
Dr Arshaad Sibdafourways
Dr B Micelifourways
Dr B Monaisawilgeheuwel
Dr B Mushianafourways
Dr B Nkosimidstream
Dr B Ramasuvhamedkin
Dr B S S Nkosimedkin
Dr B Webermidstream
Dr BA Dhulabfourways
Dr Basedi Motlhakemedkin
Dr Bernard De Boereast-london
Dr Bernie Stopforthbellville
Dr Boitumelo Kenoshifourways
Dr Bongiwe Nhlangulelafourways
Dr Bontle Selomanefourways
Dr Brett Duncanerasmuskloof
Dr Brian Ritchieeast-london
Dr Bruno Miceliwilgeheuwel
Dr Bukkie Humanbloemfontein
Dr Butch Strasheimpaarl
Dr C Carapinhanewmarket-alberton
Dr C Edenewmarket-alberton
Dr C Kockmidstream
Dr C L Pillayfourways
Dr C M Lekalakalamedkin
Dr C Marthezewilgeheuwel
Dr C Munsamynewmarket-alberton
Dr C N Botoulasfourways
Dr C Pretoruiswilgeheuwel
Dr C Rademanmidstream
Dr C S Lefotlhamedkin
Dr C van Graanwilgeheuwel
Dr C. A Dhunrajfourways
Dr Cameron McIntoshfourways
Dr Carmi Prinslooerasmuskloof
Dr CE Van der Westhuizenmidstream
Dr Charles Mathyewilgeheuwel
Dr Charles van Niekerkbloemfontein
Dr Chris Baardsomerset-west
Dr Chris Brenteast-london
Dr Chris Cawoodsomerset-west
Dr Chris J Smitmedkin
Dr Chris Vorstersomerset-west

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