A Vision For The Future: Where Nurses Lead The Change

May is Nurse’s month, where we seek to show the vision for nursing and the future of the nursing profession. We will also show how nursing will lead the change and transform the next stage of healthcare in South Africa.

Here we look at a vision for nursing of the future, how innovation can be implemented, more care given, and more support for nurses. This vision will help prepare nurses to meet people’s needs in the future.

Humanise The Care Given

Here the focus is not only on the specific healthcare issue at hand but also on understanding the patient’s life outside the healthcare facility. This means understanding the individuals’ social, family, and community life to understand how to treat the patient holistically to bring a real difference to their lives.

This also includes training nurses in expert technical communication skills that will help prepare them for future technological improvements.

Changing Future Roles And Needs

Here we aim to improve the public’s perception of nursing and understanding how essential nursing skills are for changing roles in the future, such as following patients into the community with continual healthcare. Therefore, showing how nursing in South Africa can be a viable career option for many!

More Support For Nurses

Through a vision of improved education in nursing, we hope to see better career opportunities for nurses in the future. This can be achieved through expanded research into more effective nursing practices.

Because nursing is such a physical and emotional career, we also aim to support nurses’ physical and mental health. This can be done through innovative means to keep nurses healthy and fit, to maintain long-lasting and enjoyable careers. By simply letting nurses be heard with continuous supervision, nurses can protect their emotional wellbeing.

The future of healthcare in South Africa is dependent on the innovation of nursing practices to prepare for changes in future roles and needs of nursing. To do this effectively, nursing needs to be given adequate research for innovative skills in communication and care. Nursing also needs to be more understood by the public for it to be seen as an important career option. Education and constant development will take nursing into the future with better-personalised care for patients and the nurses themselves.

At Cure Day Hospitals, we offer extensive nursing and healthcare services that are looking at the future of nursing to individualise care for our patients and lead to change in the healthcare industry of South Africa. Find out more about our healthcare services at Cure Day Hospitals today!

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