Cure Day Hospitals Somerset West

Cure Day Hospitals Somerset West is a new state-of-the-art healthcare facility in the Helderberg area. Conveniently situated just off the R44/Broadway Road, this modern day hospital is ideally suited for patients in need of same-day surgery.

The launch of this day hospital and specialist medical centre is the culmination of 3 years of tireless work, and the outcome of the overarching vision of a small group of medical specialists who envisaged a medical centre that would be owned and operated by the specialists who use it, and that would rival the best in the world in terms of patient care, patient/doctor and staff comfort, technology, and prestige.

Cure Day Hospitals Somerset West, which consists of 20 beds and 3 operating theatres (one of which will be dedicated to ophthalmic surgery), have set the goal of providing more affordable, and therefore more accessible, health care to patients of the Helderberg area.

Cure Day Hospitals Somerset West can offer the following same-day surgical procedures by qualified doctors and assisted by dedicated and qualified nursing staff: Dental surgery, Ear, Nose & Throat surgery (ENT), General Surgery, Gynaecology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Urology, Dermatology, Maxillofacial & Oral surgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic Surgery and Gastroenterology.

We are proud of this landmark that opened its doors in October 2014.

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Welcome Dr Jozef Kriek

Meet Dr. Jozef Kriek, a distinguished ophthalmologist with a rich background and extensive international experience. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Dr. Kriek

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Same-day Procedures

Services Offered

Dr James Beatty (Ophthalmologist)

Unit 1, Lobby A
Ground Floor
Tel: 021 851 2032

Dr Nico Van Helsdingen (Ophthalmologist)

Unit 1, Lobby A
Ground Floor
Tel: 021 824 1230

Dr Cockburn (Ophthalmologist)

Unit 2, Lobby B
Ground Floor
Tel: 021 824 1203

Dr Eric Falletisch (Ophthalmologist)

Unit 1, Lobby A
Ground Floor
Tel: 021 824 1206

Dr Jozef Kriek – (Ophthalmologist)

Unit 1, Lobby A
Ground Floor
Tel: 021 855 3418

Dr Mukahiwa - Ophthalmologist

Unit 9, Lobby A
1st Floor
Tel: 021 001 0330

Winelands Radiology

Unit 3
Ground Floor
Tel: 021 851 7090

Fresenius Medical Centre

Unit 4
Lobby B
Ground Floor
Tel: 021 770 1018

Paardevlei Smile Dental

Unit 7
Lobby A
1st floor
Tel: 021 851 6695

Dr Louis Smit

Pain Management
Lobby B
1st Floor
Tel: 021 851 1556


Weet jy elke keer as Dr. Pohl ‘n prosedure dag by julle gehad het besing die pasiënte julle personeel, die fantastiese behandeling en die fantastiese fasiliteit wat julle het – van die oomblik dat hulle arriveer tot ontslag het hulle net komplimente oor die wonderlike ondervinding wat hulle gehad het. Baie dankie ook van ons praktyk af dat julle ons pasiënte so mooi versorg.
Ellis Scholtz
Customer care is outstanding. Everyone gives you a friendly greeting, even very early in the morning! Upon returning for the second procedure, I was greeted at reception by a young man with a big smile who said “you’ve been here before, welcome back” Once in the ward everything is carefully explained and seems so organized and efficient but with warmth and humour too..
Cure Day Hospitals Patient
Hi there, l was a patient in your Somerset West clinic on Saturday 24 February. I have had numerous operations and procedures done in a number of hospitals over many years. My experience on Saturday was by far the best l have ever had in any hospital. The front desk lady Porsche (spelling) who made the paperwork a breeze, Eddie (l think that was his name) the admitting nurse whose sense of humour made me less nervous, the sister who fed my wife rusks, the sister who listened to me ramble when l came round, someone who held my hand going into theatre when l was terrified and joked me onto the operating table, and Eddie once again who helped me into the car afterwards.....all awesome!! Thank you for making a stressful day bearable. Well done to all of them, they all did Cure very proud!
Peter Chaplin


Nicole Stecher

Hospital Manager

Chantal Adams

Marketing Officer -
POPI Information Officer

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PR NR: 077000-0561851
3-theatres, 20-bed facility

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