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Cure Day Hospitals proudly partners with healthcare practitioners who operate in our theatres. All surgical procedures that require no overnight stay can be done in a day hospital.


Fill out our online pre-admission form to ensure that you are well prepared for your hospital visit. This will save you time on the day of admission.

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We offer competitive pricing on procedures. Please contact us to enquire about the procedures that can be performed at our day hospital.

Welcome to Cure Day Hospitals

Cure Day Hospitals specialises in ambulatory day procedures, also known as outpatient, same-day or day surgery, surgery that does not require an overnight stay. Same-day surgery has grown internationally due to improvements in medical technology and anaesthesia, leading to faster recovery times and fewer side effects.

In addition, minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures have been developed and are being used increasingly, for example laser surgery, laparoscopy and endoscopy. These medical advances make surgery less complex, with less post-operative pain.

Planned admission and discharge streamline the process, reducing stress and costs for patients and their loved ones.

Our friendly and professional personnel will ensure that patients feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. Dedicated child-friendly facilities make the little ones feel as comfortable as possible.

Day Hospital Benefits


Lower Cost

The cost of procedures performed at a day hospital is substantially lower when compared with a general (acute) hospital.

No Overnight Stay

Patients are admitted, operated and discharged on the same day.

Shorter Recovery

Due to the modern technology and the types of procedures performed, recovery is generally faster.

Reduces Anxiety

Day surgery effectively reduces anxiety normally associated with undergoing surgical procedures and it is the ideal way to avoid disruption at your work or home.


Planned and guaranteed admissions as well as a planned time of discharge contribute to convenience for patients and their loved ones.

Benefits for Medical Personnel

Nursing staff work regular hours with no night duty.

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