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Accelerating collaborations and opportunities to improve the lives of the youth

During Youth Month, we are reminded that today’s youth face more complex challenges, such as unemployment and access to education. According to Statistics SA, the official unemployment rate among young people aged 15 – 34 years in South Africa increased to 62.1 % in the first quarter of 2023.

In the Healthcare Industry, we learned that that South Africa as a country has an estimated nurse’s shortage of between 26 000 and 62 000. Furthermore, 47% of nurses are expected to retire within the next 15 years.

Our mission at the Cure Day Hospitals Group is to continue accelerating collaborations and opportunities to improve the lives of the South African youth by offering a funding for:
• Unemployed Nursing students.
• Internships for unemployed graduates.
• Unemployed leaners – learnerships programmes
• Unemployed Nursing students.
• Unemployed student for Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery.
A special thanks to all our stakeholders (Shareholders, Board members, Doctors, Training Providers, EXCO, Managers and Em

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