Advantages of Day Hospitals for Doctors and Medical Specialists

Day Hospitals are becoming an increasingly popular concept in South Africa, with many patients reaping the advantages. But what are the benefits for doctors?

A Day Hospital is an outpatient facility where modern healthcare services are provided, with a focus on short-term surgical procedures. There are usually no overnight procedures performed at Day Hospitals, hence their name.

Day Hospitals have revolutionised what going under surgery means for the patient, with many patient benefits including convenience and lower costs. But what advantages do Day Hospitals offer doctors and medical specialists?

Faster Turnaround Times

As Day Hospitals don’t provide overnight stays, the procedures that doctors and specialists would be involved with would all be performed on the same day.

No Staff Shifts

In Day Hospitals, specialists work with the same staff every day and form trustworthy bonds. Nursing staff are involved in all aspects of the patients stay.

Pre-Authorisations Made Easy

Most Day Hospitals provide expert assistance with pre-authorisations and other admin-related work.

Flexible Payments

Working as a doctor or medical specialist, you experience the benefits of flexible and negotiable payments as opposed to a salary that is set in stone.

Medical Aid Assists In Channelling Patients

When you are a part of a trustworthy Day Hospital system, you’ll find that medical aids will channel patients towards you.

Controlled Environment

Day Hospitals provide an incredibly controlled environment where the risks of infection are greatly minimised. No overnight patients makes it easier for cleaning staff to thoroughly clean the premises.

System Doctors Reduce Costs

Doctors and medical specialists working in Day Hospitals make up a system that allows for an impressive reduction in costs.

Safeguard Funders Reserves

All funds from grants and NPOs are handled with exceptional care to ensure that all funding goes to where it was intended to go.

Reach More Patients

Day Hospitals give doctors and medical professionals the advantage of reaching more patients as Day Hospitals put patients in touch with their staff directly.

Lower Costs For The Same Procedures

While lowering the costs of procedures may seem like an advantage for the patient, indirectly it is also an advantage to medical staff as it allows them to make more per procedure, and additionally provide competitive and fair prices to their patients.

Remuneration Enhancements From Medical Aids

Day Hospitals work very closely with medical aids, where surgery remuneration enhancements are provided.

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