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Carpometacarpal Joint Replacement of the Thumb

Dr Christo Lourens Inc.
Winelands Upper Limb Unit
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Osteoarthritis in the joint of the base of the thumb is a very common condition affecting the above joint in 5% of female and 1.5% of males above 50 years.
This can lead to pain and decrease hand function.
If conservative treatment is not successful, the 2 surgical options are.

  1. Excision of the osteopathic trapezium
  2. Replacement of the CMC joint

Joint replacement leads to a more normal feeling, thumb with improved functional outcome in the patients that requires surgery.
This can be done as a day case under general anaesthetics or a regional block.
After surgery the patient is immobilized in a splint and receive hand therapy from a hand therapist until full recovery.
The average outcome for this procedure is an improvement in pain and hand function in 85% of patients.

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