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Celebrating 15 years of exceptional service at Cure Medkin

Cure Day Hospitals Medkin celebrate 15 years of service
Cure Medkin recently celebrated their 15th birthday, and in recognition of the 15-year excellence, hosted a birthday celebration for their stakeholders.
The proud founding members; Dr Oscar Shimange, Dr Andre Roux and Mr Bert von Wielligh are excited about the phenomenal growth and achievements they reached in this past 15 years. “This is a major milestone for us, but only just the beginning.” – Mr Bert Von Wielligh, CEO of the Cure Day Hospitals group.
“Humble beginnings, coupled with unwavering support from both staff and supporting doctors, is sure to catapult us to greater heights.” – Dr Molefe Matima, Chairman of Cure Day Hospitals Medkin.

Day hospitals are not new in South Africa however state of art day hospitals have evolved. Now Day hospitals are becoming increasingly popular amongst doctors, medical aids, patients and other stakeholders. The purpose of day surgery is to keep the costs down, offer a shorter recovery time, reduced anxiety, and more convenience to patients. The child-friendly facilities and relaxed environment will make your experience one to remember.

Cure Day Hospitals Group has provided nearly 1 100 children and adults with state-of-the art surgery in various disciplines free of charge since inception as part of corporate social responsibility. Cure lives out our Core values where “C” stands for Compassion’ in our values and strongly believes in supporting our communities; and will continue with corporate social investment projects in the future. Cure Day Hospitals Medkin, more specifically works with organisations like “Smile of Joy”, “Medunsa” and Dr M Matima and Brink Anaesthetists’ annual Dentathon.

Furthermore, Cure Day Hospitals participate in various community donations and drives whether it be for schools, charity homes, individuals, or other community members in-need.

Providing patients with the best possible care is very important in the modern healthcare industry. Conducting patient satisfaction surveys allows us to learn if we are meeting the expectations of our patients or if we are lacking in any area. Our group has consistently scored over 90% in overall patient satisfaction surveys conducted.

The Cure Group is a B-BBEE Level 3 provider and all Cure facilities are COHSASA (Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa) accredited.
Cure Medkin is conveniently situated in the Louis Pasteur building, in Pretoria CBD. Cure Day Hospitals Medkin offers the following surgical procedures by qualified doctors, assisted by qualified nursing personnel: Dental surgery, Ear, Nose & Throat surgery (ENT), General surgery, Gynaecology, Plastic and Cosmetic surgery, Urology, Dermatology, Orthopaedic, Maxillo-Facial & Oral surgery.

Cure would like to extend their deepest gratitude to all their stakeholders for their commitment and overwhelming support during the past 15 years.
For more information visit our website on: Home – Cure Day Hospitals

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