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CEO of Cure Day Hospitals, live on Algoa FM

We are excited to share our radio clip of Bert Von Wielligh, CEO of Cure Day Hospitals, live on Algoa FM talking about our new Day Hospital in East London.

Algoa FM Radio Interview:

1. What is a Day Hospital?
  • It’s a hospital where large variety of minor procedures can be performed which does not require overnight stay.
  • Patients recover at home.
2. Advantages of a Day Hospital (4 NB stakeholders)


  • Easy to plan admission time and Short length of stay.
  • Great patients experience with good clinical outcome. (Smaller and personal)
  • Child friendly (short waiting time before going to theatre.
  • Low risk for infection due to fast turn around and no sick and long-term patients (no ICU, emergency unit)
  • Cost effective for patients


  • Fast turnaround time and little lead-times
  • Staff continuity (doctors get the same theatre staff when doing theatre work)
  • Modern equipment and state of the art equipment.


  • Convenient working hours (office hours)
  • No in advance what procedures will be done the next day.
  • Staff can plan their lives and fulfil social and family responsibilities  
  • Happy & efficient staff leads to quality service.


  • Medical aids tell us often not only cost effective, but their members are happy.

If we can continue to keep the 4 important stakeholders happy, we believe that the need for day hospitals will increase similar to the trend overseas, where that majority of minor/same day surgery is performed in day hospitals instead of acute hospitals.

3. Cure Day Hospitals Group
  • The Group is turning 14 soon.
  • Started with 1 hospital and grown to 10
  • Grown from 3 theatres to 31
  • 10th Hospitals is Cure Day Hospitals East London
  • Our steps in the Eastern Cape and more to come.
  • Grown consistently and responsibly & grow our national footprint.
  • 564 doctors, 173 000 patients, 7.5million theatre from opening.
4. Achievements of the Group
  • Good reputable name
  • Good relationships with doctors and funders
  • Level 3 BEE contributor
  • COHSASA Accreditation
  • All 9 hospitals are successful and growing
  • Low staff turnover.
  • 180 new doctors recruited in the last 17 months (since COVID-19)
5. What will Cure East London Offer?
  • A Modern and well equipped 3 theatres, 24 beds standalone day hospital
  • Next to Life Beacon Bay Hospital and opening April 2022
  • Will be offering Gynaecology, Urology, Orthopeadic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Maxillo-Facial Surgery & Dentistry
  • The Nuture group will open a sub-acute/rehabilitation hospital late 2022 (phase 2) and consulting rooms will be completed early 2023 (phase 3).
  • It is encouraging that so many doctors welcome the new day hospital, and we want to invite doctors to operate at Cure.
  • Vacancies will be advertised on our website and social media platforms November, December, and January.
  • For more information on our Group, please visit our website on or email (

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