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Coronavirus and Flu: How to Protect Yourself And Your Family this Winter?

With more and more cases of Coronavirus being reported in South Africa, it’s very important not to panic. Focus on employing practical strategies to protect you and your family from Covid-19.

Coronavirus and influenza virus are spread in similar ways and similar precautions can be taken in the prevention of these diseases, including:

Keep Your Immune System Up

As with many viruses, you are far more susceptible to catching them if you have a low or weak immune system. This is why Covid-19 is more prevalent in the sick and elderly.

Boost your immune system by increasing your nutrient intake, taking multi-vitamins and paying attention to making healthy choices in your day-to-day life.

Always Wash Your Hands

Hands are one of the heaviest carriers of germs.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to keep your hands clean! Try washing your hands quite a lot more than usual, and definitely more vigorously! Don’t forget to use a disinfectant soap, and to carry around a hand sanitizer for when you’re out and about.

To avoid touching other people’s hands, go for a fist or elbow bump instead of a handshake.

Stay at Home if You Feel Sick

If you are feeling a bit rundown, you are more at risk of contracting diseases such as the flu and Covid-19. Don’t go into work, and try to work from home if at all possible. Stay away from public transport and other heavily crowded areas. Rather postpone any elective surgery until you are in better health.

It’s very important to monitor your symptoms and keep aware of the following Covid-19 symptoms:

  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Respiratory infection
  • Coughing

If you experience a strong mixture of these symptoms, it is best you take a Coronavirus test immediately. Contact or Say “Hi” to 0600 123 456

Please advise your surgeon if you have been in a COROVID area in the past two months or in direct contact with diagnosed Corona positive patients in the past month.

Please advise your doctor before arrival at the hospital if you are unwell (temperature/ cold and flu/diarrhea and vomiting) as the operation may have to be postponed.

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