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Cure Bellville welcomes the Spine Centre post

Shawn Venter

The SpineCentre is a multidisciplinary spinal practice which offers a comprehensive approach to spinal pathology.

Dr Shawn Venter, spinal surgeon at SpineCentre, has a keen interest in non-surgical pain management, minimal invasive spinal surgery as well as endoscopic spinal surgery.

Dr Venter’s approach, which can be defined as “Conservative first, surgery as a last resort”, has led him to explore both traditional and non-traditional pain management strategies for spinal disorders. Dr Venter considers it critical to identify the true pain generator in order to manage back pain effectively.

Dr Venter has travelled and studied extensively to equip himself with various pain management skills. Non-operative as well as minimal invasive and endoscopic techniques offer patients various options in addressing their back pain. Dr Venter will be travelling to South Korea next to study specialised endoscopic spine surgery techniques, the first of their kind to be employed in South Africa.

Cure Day Bellville offers a perfect synergy to Dr Venter’s techniques and procedures as most of his interventions are day procedures. Within the next few months, once the additional facility is operational, Dr Venter will be performing endoscopic spine surgery at Cure Day Bellville.

The SpineCentre is a multidisciplinary centre which offers a comprehensive approach to spinal pathology.

Dr Reggie King, a spinal surgeon at SpineCentre, specialises in degenerative deformity correction surgery, 360 degree spinal surgery as well as major revision surgery.

Dr King is one of only a select few spinal surgeons in South Africa who can perform the full repertoire of spinal surgical approaches ranging from ALIF, OLIF, XLIF to TLIF. His sound academic approach to spinal pathology as well as his meticulous attention to identifying said pathology allows him to achieve excellent outcomes.

The vast majority of spinal pathologies can, however, be managed non-surgically. Dr King is excited to partner with Cure Day Bellville to offer these interventional pain procedures. Conservative pain management, which has helped hundreds of patients avoid major surgery all together, forms an integral part of his approach to spine pathologies.

In 2019, Dr King became the first individual in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) at Stellenbosch University to receive a PhD in Orthopaedic Surgery.

Reggie King

Ian Victor

The field of spine surgery is a discipline shared by neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons. At SpineCentre we offer our patients the best of both worlds. Dr Victor, SpineCentre’s neurosurgeon, completes the team. 

He shares Dr Venter’s passion for minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgery and is looking forward to offering these services at Cure Day Hospitals in the future.

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