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Cure Day Hospitals joins hands with the public sector to assist with backlog of patients

As Cure Day Hospitals, we recognize the importance of working collaboratively with the government to help alleviate the burden on public hospitals and improve access to healthcare for all South Africans.

One approach to achieve this is through public-private partnerships (PPPs), which involve collaboration between the public and private sectors to achieve shared goals. PPPs can bring well needed-solutions to healthcare challenges, such as the current backlog of theatre cases, and provide more efficient and effective healthcare services.

Our private day hospital is proud to have established a PPP with the government to provide healthcare services to the public. Through this partnership, we have been able to provide essential healthcare services to patients who would have otherwise had limited access to healthcare. Our PPP has also helped to alleviate some of the burden on public hospitals, which are often overwhelmed with patients. Our current PPP arrangements are with 1 Military Hospital where we are assisting with Dental; Ear, Nose and Throat and Eye Surgery backlogs.

We have helped over 4032 patients thus!

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