Cure Day Hospitals Medkin sponsored 27 kids with free dental surgeries

Cure Day Hospitals Medkin sponsored 27 kids from Smile of Joy children’s home with free dental surgeries on the 31st of July 2017.

Thank you to Medkin’s staff, Mrs Von Wielligh together with her team for the beautifully knitted blankets and to the following sponsors: SSEM Mthembu, Schulz dental, Medhold, Dental Mech, Kgorogo, Priontex, Supra Healthcare, Wena, Safeline, Medinox, Teleflex, Wright Milners, Arrabon, Bbraun, Bioclin and Legacy Medical.

Special thanks to the following doctors: Dr Moloi (Dentist), Dr Marishane (Dentist), Dr Joubert (Dentist), Dr Van der Walt (Dentist), Dr Matima (Dentist), Dr P A De Villiers (Anaesthetist), Dr D Niewoudt (Anaesthetist) and Dr L J Groenewalt (Anaesthetist).

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