Cure Day Hospitals Fourways Pro Deo in partnership with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Ridwan Mia.

Cure Day Hospitals Fourways in partnership with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Ridwan Mia, helped a patient in need and provided free surgery to a young boy from Children of Fire, a Non-Profit Organisation based in Auckland Park. Children of Fire has helped hundreds of children through reconstructive surgery, across Africa and even further afield.

Bronwen, the founder of Children of Fire gives us some background:

“Ronald was burned by being told as a very young child to do an adult chore and he did not know how to safely handle a paraffin stove.

Ronald has had some surgery before, but he was traumatised by the unethical behaviour of a doctor and a social worker at a state hospital; he has waited four years to have this operation; it pulled his mouth and neck awkwardly all of that time.

Ronald was immensely relieved to be at a clean, safe, compassionate, Cure Hospital for his neck contracture release.

Ronald commented how kind the nurses are at Cure and said: “I was so afraid at first. But in this hospital the doctors tell the truth. They explained everything to me and they kept their word. Thank you so much.””

Children of Fire relies solely on public donations and gifts in kind. The charity is looking for Interns in medicine, human rights law, development studies, media and architecture.

Cure Fourways was very humbled by being a part of this special moment for this young boy and will continue with community projects like these in the future.

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