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Getting ready to visit the Dentist

Dr Nicoline Potgieter
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Are you scared of taking your child to the dentist?  Are you scared that your child might not cooperate?  Are you maybe not taking your child to the dentist… because you, yourself are scared of the dentist?  It is best to take your child to the dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings, to prevent cavities but also make your child feel comfortable and safe – for if they ever need to receive dental treatment.

Here is how you can prepare your child for their first dental visit:

  • Tell them that the dentist has ‘cool toys’ to play with and a chair that move up and down.
  • Tell them that the dentist will count their teeth and take photos of their teeth.
  • Tell them that dentist will show them how to brush their teeth.
  • Tell them that the dentist hands out small gifts for kids who count and brush their teeth!
  • Practice opening wide like a crocodile and counting the teeth at home.
  • Engage with your child- and ask them what they “think a dentist does”? and give Dr. P a heads-up if they have a specific fear.
  • Inform Dr. P if your child has had or witnessed a previous bad experience at the dentist.
  • Bring with your child’s favourite toy/ doll or comforter.
  • Read books about the dentist and watch the “introduction video” to our practice.
  • Bring with any referral letters, medical doctor contact details or chronic medications.
  • Mention anything like ‘injections’ or ‘drills’.
  • Threaten the child with something like: “if you don’t sit still the dentist will pull all your teeth”.
  • Share your fears of the dentist with the child.

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