Cultivate Compassion

How To Cultivate Compassion This Winter

As winter cools our bones, why not warm your heart by cultivating compassion this chilly season. At Cure Day Hospitals, one of our core values (and what the ‘C’ in Cure stands for) is compassion, and we hold this trait very close to our hearts. Showing compassion to those who need it can be truly life-changing, for you and for those you show compassion to! So how do you become a more compassionate individual?

In this blog, we provide a few tips on how to show compassion and kindness during the colder season:

Self-Compassion Comes First

How are you going to show compassion to others when you are always unkind to yourself? Unfortunately, many of us struggle daily with our inner critic, and this can make it difficult to show compassion to others. Practice showing yourself more compassion by being more forgiving, gentler and kinder with yourself. Treat yourself as you would like a caring friend would treat you.

See Through The Eyes Of Others

As cliché as the saying of ‘put yourself in their shoes’ is, it truly works wonders for building understanding and compassion. What we need to remember is that we never really know what other people are dealing with or going through, but if we realise that everyone is fighting their own daily battles, we will begin to treat others with greater kindness.

Release Your Judgements

It can be easy to judge others, especially those who live a different lifestyle to you or think about things differently. It’s time to release your judgements, both of yourself and others.

Listen Attentively

These days, most people listen to reply or pretend to listen. By genuinely listening attentively, you will begin to pick up on details that you may have missed before and begin to understand better and comprehend the person that you are listening to. Understanding breeds compassion.

Heal Yourself

Heal your traumas, and practice radical self-care to ensure that you are the best you that you can be for the friends and family around you. Remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup, and only when you are content with yourself will you be in a place that you can effectively provide compassion for others.

Be Present

Being present is truly the best present that you can give those around you. Put your phone down, listen generously and maintain eye-contact when having conversations, and you’ll be amazed when you see how much your compassion will begin to expand for those around you.

Want to know more about Cure Day Hospitals’s services, and make use of all the beautiful advantages of Day Hospitals? Contact Us today! Let’s show compassion together!

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