Quick in-and-out of new EL hospital with modern techniques

Improvements to medical technology lead to more same-day surgery and faster recovery times TED KEENAN Health care in 2021 would have been almost unimaginable 10 years ago. Book into a hospital in the morning, get processed and into a ward within minutes rather than hours, have the procedure on time, and be home for dinner. That is the promise of the Cure Day Hospitals Group, which is building its 10th hospital, this time in Beacon Bay, East London. Cure chair Dr Oscar Shimange said Cure’s birth came about when a group of like-minded doctors developed a vision of future care 13 years ago. “From then it has grown from strength to strength and our dream remains to provide quality, affordable and accessible private health care to more South Africans through a national footprint of day-care facilities,” Shi -mange said.

” Although we have impressive
facilities, it is our competent staff
that results in the positive feedback
we obtain from patients, doctors
and medical aids”

Cure wanted to create a legacy of a proudly South African company, not just a business entity. The company has progressed from a non-compliant group to B-BBEE level 3. CEO Bert von Wielligh said Cure was expanding rapidly and by the end of 2021 would have 10 operational hospitals, with more to come. “We realise that our biggest asset is our staff, ” Von Wielligh said. “Although we have impressive facilities, it is our competent staff that results in the positive feedback we obtain from patients, doctors and medical aids. “We believe that the value proposition offered by day hospitals will become significant in the future. Since Covid-19 has become part of our lives, the demand for day hospitals will grow. ” Construction of Cure East London has started and will be operational in early 2022.“ It is planned to be the first of a few in the Eastern Cape,” Von Wielligh said. “Number 11 is already earmarked for KwaZulu- Natal. ” He said Cure specialised in ambulatory dayprocedures, also known as outpatient, sameday or day surgery that does not require an overnight stay. New techniques have not only reduced hospital time but they have also reduced patient costs.

Same-day surgery has grown internationally due to improvements in medical technology and anaesthesia, leading to faster recovery times and fewer side effects.

He said that in addition, minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures had been developed and were being used increasingly, for example laser surgery, laparoscopy and

These medical advances make surgery less complex, with less post-operative pain.

Cure ’s streamlining of the admission and discharge process has reduced stress and costs for patients and their loved ones.

Surgical procedures offered by Cure include ophthalmology, gynaecology, maxillo facial, dental, cosmetic, orthopaedics, urology, ear nose and throat, and general.

Cure ’s current hospital footprint is three in Western Cape, one in the Free State and five in Gauteng, with EL and KZN’s facilities due to start in early 2022.

East London’s budget for the opening phase is R72m, with sub-acute facilities and doctor consulting rooms the next steps. The proposed staffing is 25, mainly nursing staff.
“We expect that we will have about 20 supporting doctors using our theatres,” Von Wielligh said.

Cure ’s success can be measured by its expansion, which falls in line with world-class best practice set out in a recent McKinsey & Company report on how healthcare delivery
has changed through embracing aspects of artificial intelligence, robotics, precision medicine, 3D printing, augmented reality/virtual reality, genomics and telemedicine.

Von Wielligh said the end result was a better patient experience, both in reduced costs and faster healing time.

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