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Welcome – Dr Philip Jonsson

After matriculated from Paul Roos Gimnasium, Dr Philip Jonsson attended the University of Stellenbosch and studied BSc degree in Viticulture and Oenology. Upon completion of his bachelor’s degree, he worked in the wine industry; however, he soon realised his interest in surgery. Dr Jonsson then returned to university to further his studies and become a surgeon. He completed his BChD degree at the University of Western Cape in 2010 and made the Dean’s Merit for top 5 in BChD.

He completed his community service through Klerksdorp Hospital in 2011. He worked as Medical Officer in Maxillofacial Surgery in Kimberley Hospital until December 2015. During this time he also completed his Diploma in Maxillofacial Surgery through the College of Medicine.
January 2013 he became the 1st South African to be accepted into the Advanced Oral Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland programme. He was 1 of 4 international residents at the prestigious New York University at the time.
He took up registrarship in 2016 at the University of the Western Cape. From 2016 he worked as a registrar at Grootte Schuur, Tygergerg and Red Cross hospitals.
Beyond surgery he also offers minimally invasive procedures for aesthetic facial enhancements through injectables.

As an avid surfer, mountain biker, wine maker, husband, father and surgeon, Dr Jonsson has a zest for life. He enjoys quality time with friends and family and has a love for nature. He enjoys fine art, good music and surrounding himself with creative people. He has a special interest in helping the underprivileged and volunteers with a few organisations that provide medical and surgical services in rural areas.

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