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Welcome – Ranisha Govender

Ranisha Govender has 26 years nursing experience , 21 years of Operating theatre experience and 5 years of Managerial experience. She is a highly motivated individual with strong work ethic, excellent nursing and leadership skills.

Ranisha Govender started her Nursing Career in 1995, completed her 4-year Diploma in Nursing (General, Psychiatry and Midwifery) and Community Nursing in 1998.

She has a passion for theatre nursing. Ranisha studied further and obtained her Diploma in Medical and Surgical Nursing science – Operating Nursing Science Theatre Technique, specialising in theatre nursing science. Ranisha Govender is currently studying for her Learnership Management qualification .

Ranisha is a doting mother to her 10 year old son. Ranisha’s new hobbies are learning to play the guitar while her old hobbies are writing ,reading and cooking.

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