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Winning the fight against breast cancer, helping those in need, and reclaiming her womanhood

Marion Peake is an inspiration to us all in East London, selflessly putting others first while still fighting breast cancer, and winning.

I’m Marion Peake, age 37, married 15 years with two beautiful biological daughters and a further 25 amazing children we have rescued from abuse, abandonment, and rape.

7 years ago, together with my husband, we established a NPO named Helping those in need. Our NPO was birthed from memories imprinted on my heart at the age of 9 years old, whilst growing up underprivileged, I still witnessed my mom doing daily soup kitchens for the people in our community. 

The NPO grew extremely fast and has won 9  awards thus far for the work that we do.

5 years ago, I was diagnosed with triple positive invasive receptor breast cancer followed by an immediate double Mastectomy and red devil chemo. Due to depression and anxiety, weighing 104kgs from hormone therapy, I  decided to make a lifestyle change and lost 42kgs in a year and birthed a business aimed at empowering women during weight loss.

I now enter beauty pageants, advocating against the stigma of what perfection is, because with no breasts, I am still a WOMAN! I am the first woman in the world to be a crowned beauty queen with a double mastectomy, proving that you cannot let life’s limitations hold you back. This is a testament to all woman who are feeling inadequate, unworthy, and facing challenges to look ahead no matter how dark the situation feels or looks.

While still facing cancer and chemo daily, I rise and will continue to rise, to leave a legacy of hope and imprint on as many hearts as I can reach. I hope to serve as a beacon of hope to those who know what it is like to have nothing, yet to still dream big. I encourage those facing emotional challenges of feeling unworthy, battling health conditions, and limiting themselves to reach for their dreams and goals.

I encourage every woman, from every walk of life, to never give up on your dreams and to keep rising no matter how many times you fall. Never limit yourself based on your past or your diagnosis, neither define you.

Keep Rising and Rising.

To learn more about Helping those in need, visit their website at

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