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Words of acknowledgement | Nurses Day 2024

Cure Medkin – Mmamoka Lamola

The Economic Power of Care- Healthier communities are built because of NURSES efforts.

Today, we gather to honor the heartbeat of our hospital – our incredible nurses. As we celebrate Nurses Day here at Cure Day Hospitals, it’s important that we take a moment to reflect on the profound impact that you, our nursing staff, have  on the lives of our patients, the doctors’ experience and the quality of care as a whole.

Every day, our nurses embody the core values of Cure Day Hospitals: Compassion, Unity, Respect, and Excellence (CURE). You are the embodiment of compassion, providing not just nursing care, but also emotional support and understanding to every patient who walks through our doors. You stand united, working seamlessly as a team to ensure that everyone receives the highest standard of care possible. You treat everyone with respect, recognising the inherent dignity and worth of each person they encounter. And you strive for excellence in everything that you do, constantly seeking to improve and innovate to better serve our patients.

But your impact goes even deeper. Our nurses are the guardians of quality nursing care, ensuring that every aspect of the patient experience is of the highest standard. You are the ones who ensure that medications are administered safely, that wounds are dressed with precision, and that vital signs are monitored with care. You are the ones who listen attentively to patients’ concerns, who answer their questions with patience and understanding, and who go above and beyond to make them feel heard and valued.

In doing so, our nurses not only provide medical treatment, but also healing and hope. You are the ones who transform fear into courage, pain into comfort, and uncertainty into reassurance.

So today, as we celebrate Nurses Day, let us take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you. Thank you for your dedication, your compassion, and your unwavering commitment to excellence. You are the heart and soul of Cure Day Hospitals, and we are forever grateful for everything you do.

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